Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sweet little side tables

So I have this lovely rustic wrought iron table set (there are 2 of these) anyway they have been sitting around waiting for me get get some inspiration. Then...... there it was I knew what I was going to do with them.So down to the shed they when for a make over.                               

 Pallet wood is all the rage at the moment, but these tables with all this scroll work needed more than just straight forward pallet wood tops.I love the Chevron look and have seen it in some lovely material lately and herring bone is lovely for wood flooring so why not my sweet little tables.                              
The end results worked out better than I have imagined. I was so pleased with them I was already planing the photo shoots I would use them for.        
I love that the stack neatly away like this....
But was soooo happy that they stack like this to making them so versatile.  
 I had so many ways I would use these to display my work on at my next Market stall dancing through my head. They would be up for sale to but I was going to use and enjoy them for however long I had with them. Little did I know how short that would be. You see my shed is at my mums house and in my excitement I was eager to show my sweet little tables off to someone. hearing my Mum and sister in the kitchen I ran in to showed them I started ranting about there versatility and how I loved how they turned out. Helen (that's my sisters) said "Ok stop the sales pitch I'm sold, how much?" The rest is history they are now her's and I'm  happy with that. See the little bears on the table? they are some of Helen's creations.                
they are so soft and adorable. Helen has won many awards for her bear making skills. these ones are mink and their puffy cheeks are hand sculpted by Helen giving each bear its own character and personality.          
Below is a picture of her second issue of her Magazine Bear Beautiful I recommend you follow the link below your wont be disappointed.

Ill leave you with one final picture of our combined work :) 
have a lovely night 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Wedding sign

I recently made some wedding signs for a lovely couple. There wedding was yesterday so it's safe to post pics now. 

Congratulations Andrew & Claire 

These signs are proving very popular :) 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mushroom garden feature

The other day I was making these cute little bird houses which lead to this cute mushroom 

which In turn gave me the idea of turning this ugly stump that I have in the garden 
down beside my driveway into......

this!want to know how?


                                           you will need:
                                                              mission brown spray paint
                                                              heratage cream spray paint
                                                              foam gap filler
                                                              cup cake pans
                                                              foil pie tin
                                                              liquid nails

fill the pie tin and cup cake pans with a small amount of foam gap fill follow the directions on the side of the can. it will puff up over the next few hours 

once the foam fill has set take the knif and cut the top of just above the 
patty pan this will be the top of the mushroom.

put the mushroom top on a stick or a screwdriver and spray paint it with the hearatage cream paint. make sure you paint the bottom were you cut it this will seal the foam.

   paint around the edge with the mission brown paint to add detail to the mushroom.Once the paint has dried its time to glue them onto the stump.


Place a dob of liquid nails on all the stump ends that you are going to turn into a mushroom and..... 


 tadah, there you have it your mushroom garden feature. This little fellow moved in straight away.
I hope this will inspire you to get out into the garden and turn some ugly area into a piece of art.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wrought iron shabbalishes candle stand

I was given this wrought iron candle stand the other day and I wanted to Shabby chic it soooo

The first thing I did was clean off all the wax I cleaned it down with a greases are oil can get spray cans of this from automotive shops.i then gave it a light sand and painted it all black.

Painted it white and added some crystals,flowers and of cause rubbed it back in places to distress it a little.

I love that it can fit back against a wall.

And these pink velvet flowers are so pretty.

Who doesn't love crystals?

Thanks for looking hope you have enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed creating :)

Happy creating x

Friday, 18 May 2012

missy and moo custom sign

Word is getting around. I have had lots of requests for custom signs.I was given missy and moo's business card and asked if I could make her a sign for on her stall table.This is what I came up with.

I loved being able to have some fun with this sign :)

 I have also been getting lots of new likers on my Facebook page. I am nearly at 100 likers now yippy :) This has lead to increased requests on how to buy and cost,so I have set up an available page on my web there are only a few items listed at the moment but I will be adding more soon.
please pop on over and take a look. 

               Have a wonderful day :)              

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Custom sign

I Love how this turned out.
Mum and Dad asked if I could make a sign for my sisters Birthday.Her husband has made her a studio and they wanted to give have a sign to go on it.

This is not the first thing I have made for Helen, together we have come up with some lovely custom pieces for her display table at bear and craft shows. I must say when she posts pictures on her blog Bear Cub Designs I feel a lovely sense of accomplishment seeing my sisters amazing bears and my wood work together complementing each other is so wonderful. 

Helen is not only an amazing artist but a talented business women, her knowledge and experience has helped not only me but other artist so much. Helen has just lunched a web builder designed for artists called
                   Easy Art Space do yourself a favour and take a look,Helen offers lots of free information on promoting your art.If you do you want be disappointed.

If you would like me to make a custom sign for you please email me @    

Have a wonderful day :)