Saturday, 18 November 2017

Dreams don't work unless you do.

I've had two stand out dreams all my life: Be a  mum & decorate/renovate my home.
I was 18 years old when I had my first baby and had all three by the time I was 22. My young age made realising my second dream difficult. I did decorate but on a limited budget, and for a time I found myself as a stay at home single mum,raising loving kids took priority.
November last year I turned 40 And my baby's are grown and all got there own life's to live,so I am going after dream number Two.

 Me and my hubby run are own wedding and home decor business Saw Dust Art  were I love Designing new products. This gives me a creative outlet but I still find myself dreaming about renovating, we don't have are own home (yet) so this seamed pointless. One night Marty asked me if I would go crazy if I never got my own home to renovate since I spend so much time dreaming about it. This question got me thinking about who I am what I'm here for and how to live the life I belive I was created to live.that's when I decide it's time. So what if I don't own my house,we live in a homeswest house it's a lovely old house and needs work.

 Homeswest sent us a letter letting us know are place was listed as one of the homes to be demolished. This was 10 years ago seams they ran into budget problems to. This has left our house in limbo they don't want to spend a lot fixing the place but are happy for us to do work on it so that's what I'm going to do.of cause we're not  going to sink heaps of money into this place I'm not giving up on my dream to renovate my own place.I'll be doing all I can to build my buisness and save like crazy my chalange here is to renovate using thrifty finds donated iteams and a hole heap of DIY.

 I'v heard it said that vision is seeing the invisible,that sounds like dreaming to me.Whatever you call it I can tell you its scary! There are so many uncertainty it takes courage & determination to make the invisible visible. But what has the potential to send you crazy is having vision  and no where to release it. I mean if someone is constently describing things to you saying can't you see it and you look but there is nothing there wouldn't you think there maybe crazy? There must be a reson why I have been given the sight to see things the way they could be.So from this point on I'm going to face fears,learn a whole heap & transform the space arround me to look the way it looks In my head or maybe it's my heart what ever I'm going to get working and I'll be recording my journey here.

Do you have a dream or vision that you need to embrace? What's holding you back?

                                           Leanne 😀

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Sweets tray turned office display

This was a nice and easy little project that has not taken away from how pleased I am with the finished piece.

Its home for the last 35 years has been on a wall in my dads shed. Holding all kinds of bits and peices; old hinges, rusty springs and things that no one realy knows what they are. As a kid I use to love rummiging through Dads shed looking for treasure. Who am I kidding, I still do.

Dad retired 2 years ago him and mum have done a bit of travaling and enjoying life.
 Dad has now decided it's time to clean out his shed and get rid of the old to make way for the new.
In the process he asked me if I wanted this thingy... Is he kidding, of cause I want it! He asked me if I knew what it was, I said "what do you mean it's that thingy off the shed wall it held all those bits and peices." He Then said "no before that?" I had no idea.
 Dad went on to tell me that it had been on the counter in the deli he owned when I was a baby. it use to hold all the 1 & 2 cent lollies. 

I love how things can bring back memories and share stories between people, making them much more than an object. I felt as though it was my mission to save it from the tip and preserve Dads story while adding my own. This now had family history to it.

I didn't want to change it too much because it was already beautiful, it was just a little grubby. I gave it a good brush down to remove the dust, took the back off oh and the plastic pricing strip on the side was removed. Then I gave it a good scrub with sugar soap, water and a damp cloth.

   I love that while I was washing it Bianca, my sons girlfriend, arrived home. (my son and Bianca live in the granny flat at my parents and
  me and my hubby run are buisness from my dads shed extension, my parents are the best) Any how, Bianca was like "Ooohhh what you doing?" Well next thing I know, we are  brainstorming ideas of what to use as the new
  backing. I had; wall paper, 2 types of chicken. wire, chalkboard & pressed tin all as options. We held each one up behind it to see how it looked. Then I thought about the Room Im going to use it in. We both agreed the chalkboard worked best and would make my vintage peices I'm going to display in it pop.

I love how it turned out but most of all I love the memories and new stories that this peice now hold 
And to me that is what restoring is all about; building relationships and creating memories. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sweet little side tables

So I have this lovely rustic wrought iron table set (there are 2 of these) anyway they have been sitting around waiting for me get get some inspiration. Then...... there it was I knew what I was going to do with them.So down to the shed they when for a make over.                               

 Pallet wood is all the rage at the moment, but these tables with all this scroll work needed more than just straight forward pallet wood tops.I love the Chevron look and have seen it in some lovely material lately and herring bone is lovely for wood flooring so why not my sweet little tables.                              
The end results worked out better than I have imagined. I was so pleased with them I was already planing the photo shoots I would use them for.        
I love that the stack neatly away like this....
But was soooo happy that they stack like this to making them so versatile.  
 I had so many ways I would use these to display my work on at my next Market stall dancing through my head. They would be up for sale to but I was going to use and enjoy them for however long I had with them. Little did I know how short that would be. You see my shed is at my mums house and in my excitement I was eager to show my sweet little tables off to someone. hearing my Mum and sister in the kitchen I ran in to showed them I started ranting about there versatility and how I loved how they turned out. Helen (that's my sisters) said "Ok stop the sales pitch I'm sold, how much?" The rest is history they are now her's and I'm  happy with that. See the little bears on the table? they are some of Helen's creations.                
they are so soft and adorable. Helen has won many awards for her bear making skills. these ones are mink and their puffy cheeks are hand sculpted by Helen giving each bear its own character and personality.          
Below is a picture of her second issue of her Magazine Bear Beautiful I recommend you follow the link below your wont be disappointed.

Ill leave you with one final picture of our combined work :) 
have a lovely night 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Wedding sign

I recently made some wedding signs for a lovely couple. There wedding was yesterday so it's safe to post pics now. 

Congratulations Andrew & Claire 

These signs are proving very popular :) 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mushroom garden feature

The other day I was making these cute little bird houses which lead to this cute mushroom 

which In turn gave me the idea of turning this ugly stump that I have in the garden 
down beside my driveway into......

this!want to know how?


                                           you will need:
                                                              mission brown spray paint
                                                              heratage cream spray paint
                                                              foam gap filler
                                                              cup cake pans
                                                              foil pie tin
                                                              liquid nails

fill the pie tin and cup cake pans with a small amount of foam gap fill follow the directions on the side of the can. it will puff up over the next few hours 

once the foam fill has set take the knif and cut the top of just above the 
patty pan this will be the top of the mushroom.

put the mushroom top on a stick or a screwdriver and spray paint it with the hearatage cream paint. make sure you paint the bottom were you cut it this will seal the foam.

   paint around the edge with the mission brown paint to add detail to the mushroom.Once the paint has dried its time to glue them onto the stump.


Place a dob of liquid nails on all the stump ends that you are going to turn into a mushroom and..... 


 tadah, there you have it your mushroom garden feature. This little fellow moved in straight away.
I hope this will inspire you to get out into the garden and turn some ugly area into a piece of art.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wrought iron shabbalishes candle stand

I was given this wrought iron candle stand the other day and I wanted to Shabby chic it soooo

The first thing I did was clean off all the wax I cleaned it down with a greases are oil can get spray cans of this from automotive shops.i then gave it a light sand and painted it all black.

Painted it white and added some crystals,flowers and of cause rubbed it back in places to distress it a little.

I love that it can fit back against a wall.

And these pink velvet flowers are so pretty.

Who doesn't love crystals?

Thanks for looking hope you have enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed creating :)

Happy creating x